Top 10 Tips to prepare for Xmas

  1. Hot drink demand increases by more than double during peak winter season so ensure that you don’t disappoint your customers and increase your product orders to take care of the rush this year. Hot chocolate will be particularly popular so ensure you have plenty to offer.
  2. During the festive season, why not consider additional items that can add a bit of luxury to any drink? Try whipped cream and chocolate flakes on hot chocolate or experiment with winter themed flavoured syrups to really feel cosy this winter. If you operate from a bar why not experiment with liquors and spirits to create something really special? Get inspiration at
  3. During the peak season your machine has never been more important – ensure that the annual service has been completed to certify that your machine is in top condition. An annual service will ensure that all wearable parts are replaced with new ones. Think of it as preparing your car for winter – your machine will need to work harder in the coming weeks and months, avoid a break down when it matters most.
  4. If your machine has a steam boiler, ensure that you have a valid insurance certificate. (If you use fresh milk in conjunction with your machine than it will use steam to heat this). Pressurised boilers are potentially a huge safety threat if not officially tested and certified. As the owner of the machine, it’s your responsibility to organise and maintain, some service providers offer this inclusive of the annual service within a service contract. However, it may be prudent to check to protect your staff and customers against the ill effects of a defective boiler.
  5. Scale is the kryptonite to your machine’s life. Protect your partner in crime with a water filter to prevent scale build up. Smaller filters will need changing in as little as 800 litres of water process. Not only does this preserve your machine but you’ll have the best water provision for your coffee!
  6. Small equipment will make the difference in your team providing a smooth and swift service. Establish that you have the correct accessories available in order to make service provision as easy as possible for your staff.
  7. During the festive season especially, we all need a little extra help to make it through the busiest services and this nearly always means additional hands on deck. Make certain that these new additions to your team are trained efficiently to guarantee they provide a help rather than a hindrance!
  8. Check your crockery levels – if you serve in crockery it’s not professional to use a wide array of various crockery sets due to having a higher demand than cups available. Order in additional or new to portray a high quality offer.
  9. Whilst your guests will be flocking to you for coffee, when the cold is nipping at heels, the impulse for an additional treat to warm us up is too. Look into the pastries, cakes and biscuits you offer with your hot beverages. Perhaps you may want to increase their numbers or bring another special treat in for the winter?
  10. Have fun! You and your coffee machine will be working hard to serve all of your visitors and having been prepared in advance, an extremely busy service will not be a problem for either of you!